Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.
Welcome to my Literacy Strategies website. 
My name is Elizabeth Mack and I am a visual art educator. Developing new vocabulary for making art and exploring art history is often complex. Using literacy strategies to assist students toward deeper understanding of the concepts helps them apply their new-found knowledge to visual art methods, techniques and conceptual/abstract ideas.  Please find traditional and creative ways to engage students with new reading materials, vocabulary, genres in art and historical/cultural explorations. These strategies help all students enhance their reading, writing and thinking skills.

Each of these strategies can be used effectively with the Gradual Release Model, where the strategy is first modeled for the student by the teacher, then the student practices the strategy with teacher support, and lastly, utilizes the strategy independently.  

Integrating Literacy strategies into the visual art classroom leverages cross curriculum advantages and provides a wider base for learning knowledge applied in a holistic way. Students learn complex concepts and engage in deeper thinking and learning.

Literacy: A Visual Art Educator’s Guide

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